The Riverside County Film Commission (RCFC), operated by Inland Empire Film Services, under the auspices of the Riverside County Office of Economic Development, is recognized by the California Film Commission as the official advocate for filming interests in our region.

RCFC is your first stop for resources that serve the film, television, commercial and still photography industries as well as all other genres involving still or motion photography.

RCFC’s webpage on the Inland Empire Film Services website is designed for film & video professionals to find local crew, local services and locations with just a few clicks. The County’s geography accommodates varied looks such as winding roads, open desert, picturesque mountains, and scenic landscapes, as well as mid-century modern to Spanish architecture throughout the county to provide that perfect backdrop.

Rancho Mirage Mid Century House   Rancho Mirage 03

With a region of over 7,300 square miles, the RCFC works closely with all 28 cities located within its borders, the State agencies and Federal agencies to help streamline your production and make it successful. We can assist you with everything from permitting in all jurisdictions within the County to finding locations and other local production needs. Riverside County is located East of LA conveniently opposite of work traffic, with areas as close as 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

If you need scouting assistance, contact one of our professional location managers who are local to Riverside County:

Linda Kai-Gorman - - works all over but specializes in the West end of the County (i.e. Norco, Eastvale, Corona, etc).

Marc Hlavaty - - works all over but specializes in the Coachella Valley and parts of the High Desert (i.e. Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Indio, etc).

Scott Downing - - works all over but specializes in the Temecula Valley (Temecula, Menifee, Aguanga, etc).


Riverside County Commercial for the Location Managers Guild International Awards 2023

Click on the links below to see the economic impact from filming while in the County of Riverside:

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